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Wavy Eyebrows!?

New eyebrow trend.  Do we love or loathe?

Ok, I get it. It is 2017 and pretty much anything goes however, do we think this beauty trend is going "too" far? At first arching eyebrows was the trend, then it was shading in eyebrows (that was painful to view), highlighting eyebrows was next (that was cute), and now this! It is lost on me why one would want their brows to be "wavy" but what is more perplexing is why someone would want to put glue, yes GLUE, on their face!

Ladies, we don't have to follow all the "fly-by-night" trends especially when they don't make much sense. How can one fully express feelings when one can't give a proper side eye? Side eye is life btw. Additionally, I literally JUST figured out how to highlight my brows. I am absolutely not interested in adding this extra step of waviness.

Nevertheless, I am a firm believer in "live and let live." With that being said, I hope that anyone that desires this wavy look achieves it to the best of their ability. As for me though, I will continue to keep it classic with my brows flowing in the direction they naturally grow!


"Beauty trends come and go. Classic style is forever."

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