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About Us

Elizabeth Diamant is a contemporary fashion brand designing timeless fashion for the modern woman who is bold, sexy, and timeless.  Our mission is to empower women to embrace and celebrate their individuality and sexuality, through fashion.  Our goal is to become globally recognized as the brand of choice for business and evening wear for the modern woman. 


  About the Designer

 Liz Diamant, retired military officer and single mother, picked up designing in October of 2017.  In 2019, as a self-proclaimed "fashionista" and self-taught designer, Liz traded in her Army boots for the runway and focuses her fashion lens on creating business and evening wear to "suit" the modern woman on the move.  Leaning towards individualism in all aspects of life, her style embodies the same ideals.  Her classic taste marries her traditional yet daring fashion sense to create the fingerprint of the brand.  After over a decade of inquiries from family, friends, co-workers, and strangers alike, about where she found her clothes, comments on how she was always so "put together" and requests from others to help them achieve their desired looks, Liz has decided to share her passion for style and fashion with the world.   


Liz's fashion philosophy is that "fashion is not something you wear but rather something you feel."  She believes fashion and how we express it, is a direct extension and reflection of our soul.  After being bullied for most of her school-aged years, largely for the clothes she wore, Liz decided that her style was not a reflection of who she was or who she would become.  Once she was able to influence her own style choices, she was committed to being true to herself and to allowing people to know a bit of who she was before ever speaking to her.  She wanted her style to reflect her bold, sexy, and timeless personality and that the validation of others was of no importance to her.  After achieving this for herself, she is on a journey to help others express their "#BoldSexyTimeless" Style

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