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The Little Black Dress: Why you need it.

I'm sure your mother, auntie, older sister, or someone who loves you very much has already told you that a little black dress is a MUST HAVE in your closet. If they haven't, shame on them; if they have, then I am reiterating that point. You MUST OWN A LITTLE BLACK DRESS. Like, you don't even have a "wardrobe" if you don't have this. Lol. Ok, not literally but, I hope you're catching what I'm throwing ladies. Check out Zendaya wearing her Satin Black Slip dress from her "Daya by Zendaya" clothing line.

The black dress is and always will be a staple to a classic and versatile wardrobe. It is effortlessly elegant and creates a slimming effect. But, don't be confused, you don't NEED TO OWN a black dress just because it exudes elegance, or because it is slimming or because your great-great grandmother told you so (always listen to Granny tho). You need it because it is SIMPLE. In this fast paced life, we all need simple solutions, right? Well, this is a "go-to" style that will NEVER go out of style. You can dress it up, in Beyonce like glam or dress is down like "Jenny from the block." It has NO LIMITS and will NEVER disappoint.

Besides that, black goes with everything so you can always make an older black dress look like new by accessorizing differently each time you wear it. The black dress is a sure classic and since we are "Classic Style Couture" it is only right that we showcase this classic style. Check out the gallery below for style inspiration.

If you don't have this staple item in your closet ladies, now is the time to get it. If you do have it, you can appreciate the need for options. Follow the link below to check out "our" little black dress collection.

Remember, Fashion trends come and go; Classic style is forever.


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