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How to do "Fashion" during a Pandemic.

Hi #BoldSexyTimeless Gang! I am back in the writing mood and have decided to get this blog back going. I will write for as long and as often as I am inspired to do so. 😘

So, the other day, I was speaking with a colleague and she mentioned that I am always dressed and fashionable when she sees me, even if I don't have any where to go (we often speak via Microsoft Teams).

She also offered that she doesn't even know "how to be fashionable" during a time like this. That conversation led me to write this blog and share my thoughts on how to do fashion during a pandemic. You want to hear it? Here it goes. Be you. Do you. For you. That's it. That's the blog post....

Ok, I won't make it that succinct but, that is a summation of my thoughts on the subject and in my opinion, is the very essence of fashion. Listen, if the last year has taught us nothing else, it's that the rules that we have been following, are super malleable and can shift at any given moment.

In that same regard, we should be well over the days that we care what other brands, people, influencers etc are wearing and what, if any, rules we should follow as it pertains to fashion.

You wanna mix prints? Mix the prints. You want to wear a silk pajama top with bell bottom jeans to the grocery store? Wear it! You want to suit up in comfy lounge wear from Sunday to Sunday? Do it! You want to walk around the house in a silk slip dress with mules, a diamond necklace and a full face of makeup? DO IT SIS!!

These days, our only concern with fashion should be, "what makes me feel like, ME?" Whatever that is for you, do that! Don't worry about trends, Pantone colors of the year, events, lack of events, who is going to think what, or what you wouldn't have done last year. Now is the time to show up as yourself, for yourself. The world will adjust. Trust me on that.

So to summarize, please don't worry about who is and isn't wearing what you would like to wear. Don't worry about the "fashion police" and what they say is out of style or “trending”.

As humans, we need to feel some sense of control over our lives and with things being so very out of control lately, our fashion style is one area that we can have equivocal control. And we absolutely should take advantage of that. Everyday.

Be #BoldSexyTimeless, but only if that is who you truly are. 😘😘

Pic below is me on any given day but specifically this past Monday. I am at my best when I adorn my body with beautiful fabrics that feel good and look good against my chocolate brown skin 😍

I look forward to reconnecting with you all and hope that you found something in this post to get you through your day and the days to come💋


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